Recessed Wood Wall Niches


Bravo Wall Niche

A recessed wall niche adds a touch of elegance to a room. We have all been intrigued with the beauty of shells, admiring the symmetry created by nature. We have reproduced this look with a dome that has individually milled ribs with deep grooves. The scalloped shell hardwood dome, rosette and the curved back veneer with decorative grains draw the eye to your most prized possessions. Pieces like this have been hand-carved in the past and only found in luxury homes. This is a perfect architectural piece for entryways, foyers or stairways.

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Bellissimo Niche

We have been able to reproduce the look of our shell dome in a much larger scale. The Bellissimo niche collection has 12 or 15 (depending on the size) individually milled ribs. The dimensions of this niche allow much larger pieces to be displayed. The recessed niche has opening widths of 19" to 30". The depth of this niche can be made to recess into the wall by 5 1/2" to 12", with the base extending another 1 3/4" (more if required) into the room. The height of the niche opening can be made up to 54" on the larger diameter domes. A leadtime of 2 - 4 weeks is required for this custom product.

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Bella Wall Niche

A perfect hardwood wall niche to place that prized possession of yours. This niche has a six segment hardwood veneer dome which mimics a shell, rosette and a curved back veneer with decorative grains. They are all framed by straight grained frame and solid base. It will highlight anything you wish to display.

This architectural piece will enhance the value of your home and will look outstanding in entryways and other locations.

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