Recent Press Releases

Shell Woodcraft Completes Installation of Custom, Curved Wood Niches at St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica

Hardwood Shell-like Dome Enhances the Beauty of Significant Works of Art

July 1, 2018


Shell Woodcraft Announces Availability of Custom, Curved Wood Veneer Components to the Trades

Hardwood Shell Dome Enables 'Old World' Bookcases and Corner Cabinets

July 21, 2014


Shell Woodcraft Introduces a New Collection of Hardwood Wall Niches

Bellissimo Wood Wall Niches Provide Architectural Interest and Come in Custom Sizes

June 1, 2014


Shell Woodcraft Introduces Two Families of Hardwood Wall Niches

Bravo and Bella Niches Add Architectural Interest and Make a Dramatic Impact

July 21, 2012