We've posted a few photos of the wall decorating ideas that are possible with our unique wood niches.

  • Arched Top BookcaseArched Top Bookcase
  • Arched Top CabinetArched Top Bookcase Detail
  • Wall Niche with MadonnaLarge Wall Niche with Madonna
  • Wall Niche with Feng Shui GodWall Niche with Feng Shui God

  • Red Oak Wall NicheWall Niche with Vase
  • Cherry Wall NicheCherry Wall Niche
  • Wall Niche with LED LightsWall Niche with LED Lighting
  • St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica NicheSt. Anthony Cathedral Basilica Niche

  • Maple Wall Niche at the BeachWall Niche at the Beach